High School Athletic Training

Speed/ Agility training with Jordan Canzeri



One Day Speed/ Agility training with Jordan Canzeri

Iowa Hawkeye Rb, attended NFL camps for the KC Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and LA Rams. Currently plays for the Elecom Kobe Finies of the X League.

Come join Jordan for our 1 day camp designed to improve quickness, speed and agility. This program will help develop straight ahead speed, change of direction, obstacle avoidance and speed necessary for quick decisions. Strength and core stabilization are emphasized as are individual needs and athletic team performance. Athletes are trained in first step explosion, lateral movement and quick feet.

When: Monday Jan 15th   2:00-4:30 pm

Where: Sportsplex of Halfmoon

Who: any athlete( M-F) ages 11+ who is looking to improve their speed and agility

Cost: $30/ athlete

Price: $30.00

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