High School Athletic Training

Summer Power & Strength Training




P.I.T. is offering a program specifically for Shen Football players to improve their power and strength in the off-season. Players will spend time working in groups with the P.I.T. staff on specific exercises that will make them stronger and more powerful football players. We will challenge them both mentally and physically to work harder than any of their competition this off-season. Please keep in mind that a big part of success is how often you train (the right balance between training and rest). It is important athletes attend as many sessions as possible and that is why we are doing 3-a-week sessions. These sessions will take the players from Post-season, Off-season and into Pre-Season training.

If you are currently a 12th grader and want to train for a Spring sport or to get ready to play in college, we have a different program for you. Contact Tony Campana (365-3439) or Gary Blond (265-6060) directly.

Athletes are personally trained each session…we don’t hand out sheets and say “Do this”.…we work with each athlete and guide them through every workout personally. P.I.T. specializes in training high school and colleges athletes of all sports in both strength training and speed and agility.

Who should attend: All Shen Football Players grades 8-11.

When: 3 sessions every week….Tuesday/Thursday 5:15 to 6:15pm and Saturday 11am.

Where: Sportsplex of Halfmoon (Right off route 9 near Walmart in Clifton Park)

Cost: $50 until Aug 15th

(All participants are required to have their own insurance).

For questions contact Tony Campana at 365-3439, Gary Blond at 265-6060 or Coach Barber.


Price: $50.00

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