High School Athletic Training

One Day Linemen training

One Day Linemen training with OL/ LT  Roubbens Joseph

University of Buffalo, Baltimore Ravens

Come join Roubbens for our 1 day camp. During our camp the Linemen will learn:

Stance (knee in)

Vertical Set

Two kick one slide (cone)

  • Mirror (inside number/ half man)
  • Brace for bull (bag)
  • Guards – st punch
  • Tackles- two set punch
  • Fight hand
  • Kick, redirect inside (medball)
  • Stunt switch



  • Hip extension (med ball)
  • Med Ball explode progression throw
  • 90, 75 overtake (outside shoulder)
  • Run progression w/ medball
  • Hip roll half man progression w/ medball
  • Double team ( hip to hip)

When: Monday Jan 15th   2:00-4:30 pm

Where: Sportsplex of Halfmoon

Who: any linemen ages 11 and up.

Cost: $30/ athlete


Price: $30.00

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