High School Athletic Training


Open to Men & Women
4 Weight Classes 4 Categories
High School/College/ Open/Masters
Raw Contest-No Lifting Aids
2 Lifts…Bench & Deadlift


MAY 18, 2019

Lifting Competition
Who is the strongest in Capitaland
This contest is intended for all levels from novice to the very
experienced. If you ever wanted to try a competition, this is your
chance. All are welcome. Bring your friends and family to root
you on, have fun and watch some great lifting. Start your summer
off with getting in shape for this event.

What is it: This is an open contest for both the new and serious lifter. This is for
BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. There are 2 events, the Bench and Dead Lift. You do not
have to lift in both, although it is encouraged as the entrance fee is the same price
whether you lift in one or both.

Where: The Sportsplex located in Halfmoon, NY. 6 Corporate Drive

Cost: $55 pre-registration/$65 day of. Fee includes both lifts.

Category of Lifters:
High School - Lifters currently attending high school
College - Lifters who attend the Spring semester at a college
Open - Anyone from high school through masters
Masters - Anyone 50 or over by May 18, 2019

Weight Classes:
Men -140lbs and under...141lbs-200lbs...201lbs-275...275lbs+
Women - 120lbs and under...121lbs-160lbs...161lbs...200lbs...201lbs +

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